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You’ll Love Mammoth Ski Club, or It’s Free!

Join Mammoth Ski Club members for 3+ days of skiing a month November – July, plus on-slope events and activities for people who love to visit, ski and explore Mammoth! Mammoth Ski Club is a member-driven organization.

Mammoth Ski Club has been specifically created and designed for avid, adult snow skiing enthusiasts who want to belong to an active group, put more “Fun” in their lifestyle, find new ski buddies, and become ski heroes to their friends and family by documenting their best skiing skills and experiences in professionally-taken action photos. Mammoth Ski Club operates November – July as I write this, and is not owned or controlled by Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort.

Mammoth Ski Club is an independent ski club for active adults that are looking for more than a “bare bones ski club experience” offered by most other ski clubs. Mammoth Ski Club serves a tribe of passionate Mammoth devotees who love to make the pilgrimage many times a year for special activities at the source of their affection. Many Mammoth Ski Club members are season pass holders and/or own a residence in Mammoth Lakes.

17 Reasons Why Should You Join

Mammoth Ski Club Right Now!

  1. Build Relationships, Friendship and Camaraderie – Meet new ski buddies with common interests, and make profitable business contacts.
  2. Fun, On-Slope Activities – Meet new friends and enjoy an endless array of group activities at or near Mammoth Mountain 3 days a month. Activities like skiing are so much more fun when you have many friends with the same abilities who are able to share your experiences.
  3. Improve Your Skiing Experience – Discover the tips and tactics I learned that shattered my “learning plateau”, and took me to the next level of skier enjoyment.
  4. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous – You’ll be invited to do things and go places you would have never gone and done alone by rubbing shoulders with this avid group of skiers.
  5. Safety – Discover insider tricks on how to ski more safely, how to “self-rescue”, and avoid chronic problems like altitude sickness, “shin bite”, back compression, and pinched nerves.
  6. Unbiased Snow Conditions Reviews – With my 80+ days annually skiing Mammoth Mountain, you’ll get up to date snow conditions and which part of the mountain has the best snow detailed on my blog every day I ski.
  7. Discounts on Ski Equipment, & Tips, Tricks and Strategies to Make Skiing Easier– Discounts have been arranged for Mammoth Ski Club members on skis, bindings, boots and accessories. You’ll get skiing tips ,tricks, and strategies in the special “members only” newsletter to enhance your Mammoth experience every time you visit!
  8. Belong to a Passionate Group of Mammoth Skiers – Members of Mammoth Ski Club love the Mammoth area just like you do! As a “destination-based” ski club, our meetings are primarily on-slope so you won’t waste your time going to meetings that involve no skiing like with old-school, “home-based” ski clubs.
  9. Establish a “Skiers Voice”, and Group Buying Power – As a group, we can establish a skiers voice in the same way as a trade association. We have more clout and buying power than any individual which gives us special deals and offers non-members could never get.
  10. Cool Stuff and Members Only Discounts– You can proudly display your Mammoth Ski Club membership with our window stickers, helmet stickers, and line of active wear with our mascot “Mammo” embroidered or silk-screened in beautiful detail. Members can custom order gear from the Mammo-Wear Store by the members only fax number, and get a 20% Members Only Discount for as long as their membership is current and valid. Discounts at Mammoth area vendors are in the works.
  11. Celebrity, Ski Company Sponsored, and Themed Events – You’ll get to meet celebrities, enjoy the theme, and/or get special deals from the companies or celebrities sponsoring the event.
  12. Contests, Prizes and Recognition – Contests in skiing and photography are planned for our first season. Prizes will also be given for best group leaders, and most helpful Mammoth Ski Club Members.
  13. Premiere Destinations – Mammoth Ski Club is not predominantly a travel club. Most of our events are held in the Mammoth Lakes area. But we do want to take advantage of our group buying power for an annual event at another (member determined) ski resort. Ski areas “bid” for the opportunity to serve ski clubs, and their annual events. Since Mammoth Ski Club will be one of the largest ski clubs in America, members are likely to be offered the most advantageous deals.
  14. Collective Wisdom and Mastermind – Gain the wisdom, strength, and knowledge of masterminding with a passionate group of avid skiers and business owners in person at the on-slope meetings, and online in the blog and “members only” forum.
  15. Virtual Concierge – The Mammoth Ski Club blog and “Members Only” section of the website will contain the latest member reviews of places to eat and stay, recommended local vendors, and even local daycare providers so members always have the latest insiders’ tips to make their stay more seamless and enjoyable.
  16. Bragging Rights – You will be a member of a passionate, elite, fun group of skiers. Ski Heroes members will get action ski photos of themselves to hang on their walls for ultimate bragging rights. You’ll never have to ski alone, or have your family and friends doubt your skiing abilities again.
  17. Member-Driven– Mammoth Ski Club is member-driven, meaning whenever possible the members will get to vote on events and locations. You’ve never seen a ski club like Mammoth Ski Club before, because there’s never been a destination-based, elite ski club like this before!

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