What is the Best Way to Protect Your Eyes from Extreme Glare on Snowy Slopes at Mammoth Mountain?

I don’t know about you, but protecting my eye sight is very important to me. Being able to see well effects most everything we do, and it certainly effects Mammoth Ski Club members ability to ski. Mammoth weather and its’ unique climate can cause situations which hinder your vision.

I had an experience surfing in Huntington Beach about 15 years ago where I was hit in the eye by another surfers board who had taken off in front of me. We collided on the overhead wave, and I came up protecting my head. When I broke the foam on the surface of the water, I was immediately hit in the eye by the other surfers board, and it cut my eye from the inside corner to the bridge of my nose from the impact. His surf leash had been stretched to its’ maximun by the wave, and that sent the surfboard snapping back toward the other surfer with me in the direct path of impact. The surfboard had actually traveled right in front of my right eye, and hit with enough force to rip a hole in my face and put a ding in the tail of his surfboard.

I realized through that experience that I need to protect me eyesight so that I will have it throughout my life. I have been a big believer in sunglasses and goggles when skiing ever since then because they protect your eyes from impact as well as the suns potentially damaging rays.

I love polarized sunglasses. It’s great technology that really works like a set of mini-blinds inside your sunglass or goggle lense to help cut and block glare that inhibits our vision. They are better for your eyes in preventing the #1 cause of preventable blindness, Macular Degeneration. A few years ago, I became aware of Zeal, a manufacturer that is producing polarized goggles for skiing, but they were pricey at about $200. I haven’t tried them, so I can’t say if they are worth it.

But last year more goggle manufacturers jumped into producing polarized goggles. I found a pair made by Bolle in the Campmor catalog where they sell overstocks and closeouts at the end of last ski season. They were only about $30. I absolutely love how well these polarized goggles cut glare when I ski at Mammoth Mountain. With most regular goggles, I still find myself squinting on the brightest days, but not with my Bolle polarized goggles. Goggles area also great for cutting down on your eyes “tearing” when you ski fast down a run, and lowers the “rippling” of the fluid on your eyes.

So next time you are looking for some new goggles, look for Bolle polarized goggles or another brand with polarization that will do a superior job of protecting your precious vision. You’ll love skiing Mammoth Mountain Ski Area more than ever!

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