How to Keep Your Hands Warm on Really Cold Days at Mammoth Mountain

Mammoth Mountain Ski Area can have nice sunny days, and it can have cloudy, cold and windy days. So how do you insulate your hands from the cold on days where the wind chill is below 0?

I’ve tried all types of gloves and liners. Liners add insulation to your regular gloves, but they are cumbersome because you now need to remove 2 gloves from 1 hand to get into a pocket.

After years and years of just living with cold hands, I found the solution. I now use down mittens because nothing insulates and warms like down. I ordered Gordini Aquabloc Down Gauntley mittens from Gordini about a year ago. They took the order online, then refunded me telling me it was a discontinued product. I was disappointed becasue I really favored the design and ammount of down in this glove.

Well a few months later, I saw the same glove at a closeout catalog, Campmor. The glove I wanted was now on sale, and I bought a pair in my size. I’ve owned these gloves for over a year now, and I can tell you they are very warm and my hands have never been cold wearing these down mittens.

The good news is I just got the new Campmor catalog, and they still have the Gordini Aquabloc Down Mittens on sale for $29.99. Down mittens can go for $70-140.00, so getting a quality pair for only $30 is a great deal. I recommend you go to the website, and look for item # 79871- K which is the Mens glove. There are several types from which to choose.

So don’t come to me complaining about cold hands. I’ve told you my secret. I recommend the Gordini Aquabloc Down Mitten very highly.

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