Mammoth Ski Club Logo Wear is Here!

I just got the first batch of Mammoth Ski Club Logo Wear delivered today. It is the men’s t-shirts. Our mascot “Mammo” is emblazened on the front chest, and centered large on the back. It looks really cool on white t-shirts.

Here's the back of the Mammoth Ski Club men's t-shirt.

Here’s the front:

Mammoth Ski Club men's t-shirt front.

Here’s the sweatshirts:

Mammoth Ski Club unisex Sweatshirt has hood and front "hand-warmer" pocket

Here’s the women’s t-shirt:

Mammoth Ski Club women's t-shirt fresh out of the box.

Men’s and women’s t-shirts are$21.77 each. The sweatshirts are $47.77 each. We just need to know your size. Shipping is a flat $10 regardless of how much you order along with applicable sales tax. We only ship to United States addresses. Mammoth Ski Club Logo wear can be ordered by calling (760)709-6035.

So for now we have embroidery available to our 300 founding members for their ski jackets. We have 4″ window stickers, 2″ helmet stickers, and refrigerator magnets in stock. I’m really excited to be offerring Mammoth Ski Club Logo Wear for the members and skiers who want something that is different and upscale. I’ll be posting about the developments in the  Mammoth Ski Club Logo Wear line as they happen, so check this blog frequently and subscribe to the feeds so you get notified of new posts.

Don’t forget to enter the drawing for the FREE Mammoth Season Pass at See you on the slopes!

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