Mammoth Mountain – Staying Dry and Warm with Polypropolene

Here’s a product tip for Mammoth Ski Club members. I used to wear turtle necks and jackets that did not breathe well. Sometimes you would get wet from perspiration on your underlayer. Since the invention of polypropolene in garments, all that has changed. I have worn both microfleece (a form of polypropolene) long underwear bottoms, and  polypropolene tops for years now.

The challenge has been with price. Polypropolene is a recycled material made largely from recycled 2 liter soda bottles. I could never understand why polypropolene garments were so expensive. I’ve seen tops from $60-80 and up. I have 1 from Spyder that is well designed with a zipper that makes it warmer if needed. But most of these garments are designed like longsleeve cotton t-shirts, and should be priced accordingly.

I saw polypropolene shirts at Target made under the Champion label which have worked out really good for me, and the best part is they are only about $20 each. I bought 3 last year and used them the 80 days I skied. They performed and laundered flawlessly.

I liked them so much I bought 3 more this year. 1 of them was the “compression” style, and I didn’t notice when I bought it. I tried the compression style, and all it did was flatten my breasts:) So I gave it to my daughter whom it fit better. Be sure to check if it is a compression style or regular fit before you buy it so you get what you wanted.

I got 5 Champion polypropolene tops  for about $100 total, which is about what you would pay for 1 at a ski specialty shop.

So get your polypropolene tops at Target by Champion to save some money, and still have a fine working product that will wick moisture away from you and prevent you from getting wet and cold after overheating while skiing Mammoth Mountain.

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