Mammoth Mountain Snow Report Dec. 26, 2010

This is the daily snow report prepared for Mammoth Ski Club members. This morning a small storm is blowing through, literally. The National Weather Service predicts a High of 27 F, and a Low of 16 F for Mammoth Lakes. The loop radar for Mammoth Lakes weather shows most of the storm’s moisture has gone though already, and only a small ammount lingers in the Mammoth Mountain area.

Mammoth Mountain Ski Area boasts the deepest snow base in North American ski resorts with an 11-17 foot base. Last night they got 8-12″ of new snow. The National Waether Service shows wind speeds out of the SE at 24 mph with gusts to 46 in Mammoth Lakes. The wind guage on chair 1 shows an averagge wind speed of 55 with gusts to 80 mph over the last hour. Mammoth Mountain shows all lifts will be open today, BUT they show chairs 1, 2, 16 etc… on wind hold.

Mammoth Mountain has tons of snow, but today is looking like one of those hideous “extremely windy days” at Mammoth Mountain. I recommend you read a book, shop, or stay inside today because the wind will be bitterly cold. The temperatutre on the mountain including wind chill will be (27 degrees+ 55 mph winds =) an effective temperature between 25-30 degrees BELOW ZERO!!!
I’m planning on skiing tomorrow when the winds are predicted to be lower. See You On the Slopes!
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