Mammoth Mountain Snow Report Dec. 28, 2010

This snow report is prepared daily especially for Mammoth Ski Club members. Today the National Weather Service predicts a High of 37 F and a Low of 27 F in Mammoth Lakes. They have a Winter Storm Warning out due to the approaching storm. They predict a 60% chance of snow today, and 100% for tonight and tomorrow. The winds in Mammoth Lakes are out of the SW at 8 with gusts to 21 mph. Chair 1 wind guages show a steady wind of 40 with gusts to 50 mph. These winds and temperatures make a wind chill effective temperature below 0.

I like to pick the days I want to ski each week on Sunday. I do this mostly by attempting to miss the windiest and stormiest days. Tomorrow is predicted to be windy and stormy, and they are usually right. I ducked the winds this way last Sunday and skied Monday instead on a beautiful day with no wind.

The National Weather Service radar show no moisture in Mammoth Mountain Ski Area’s¬†immediate area. There is moisture to our north. Mammoth Mountain reports 0 snowfall in the last 24 hours, and a snow base of 10-17′. If you ski Mammoth today, I recommend chairs 8 and 22 to escape the winds as much as possible. The next day I plan to ski is Thursday after the storm dumps between 1-2 feet of new snow. See You On the Slopes!

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