Mammoth Ski Club Reaches Agreement with Dave McCoy to Contribute to the Mammoth Lakes Foundation

Dave McCoy and Larry Conn agree on long-term methods to help fund the Mammoth Lakes Foundation and promote Dave McCoy's photography website.

I met one of my heroes today, Dave McCoy. I have always admired Dave for his intuitive business acumen, his family, and his determination and grit in taking on “impossible” tasks by taking them one step at a time. What he has accomplished in his 95 years is astounding.

We had about an hour long discussion about how I could contribute my 34 years marketing and advertising experience and help generate contributions for the Mammoth Lakes Foundation by helping sell his amazing new and archival photos and DVDs of “Mammoth Dreams” (the story of Dave’s life on DVD). The Mammoth Lakes Foundation supports higher education and cultural enrichment in the Eastern Sierra. Right now, the Mammoth Lakes Foundation is building the college in Mammoth Lakes and funding scholorships.

As you probably know, Dave McCoy is responsible for funding and building much of the infrastructure that people who visit and live in the Eastern Sierra enjoy today.

Dave personalized a photo I got with my $500 donation of Dave skiing Mammoth, Gravy Chute to be exact photographed by Warren Miller by writing, “Keep skiing Larry, Dave McCoy” on the photo. I’ve always loved that photo of Dave because it has the Minarets, Mts. Banner and Ritter in the background, and I love to ski through there and the Glades on powder days.

Dave McCoy lives close to me and is personalizing things that are sold for the Mammoth Lakes Foundation, so if you want something collectible signed by the founder of Mammoth Mountain, please let me know ASAP.

It was like meeting royalty to me to meet Dave McCoy today, but he is amazingly humble. What a tremendous role model. Meeting him made my day, and the personalized photos were just icing on the cake. I think this will be a positive association for Mammoth Ski Club and the Mammoth Lakes Foundation.

OK, I still have to post my daily ski report, so until next time, See You On the Slopes!

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