Dave McCoy Photo by Warren Miller Presented to Larry Conn and Personalized by Dave McCoy

I wanted to show off the photo I got from Dave McCoy of Dave McCoy taken by Warren Miller of Gravy Chute at Mammoth Mountain before chair 1 went in:

I'm holding the photo on canvas of Dave McCoy taken by Warren Miller.

This photo has always been my favorite, and to get it personalized and signed by Dave McCoy makes it collectible art I will always treasure. Here’s where he wrote, “Keep skiing Larry Dave McCoy”:

Right near the toe piece of his ski in the photo, Dave McCoy personalized my art for me making it one-of-a-kind.

I just wanted to share with you that I can get these signed and possibly even personalized for Mammoth Ski Club members. There are other pictures of old Mammoth, beautiful new photos Dave has taken in the past few years with a digital SLR, and DVDs of Dave’s life that could be autographed possibly. 100% of the money for this art goes to Dave McCoy’s Mammoth Lakes Foundation, and you get a receipt for the donation. So if you haven’t closed your books for 2010, or just want some really cool, collectible art, let me know, OK?

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