Mammoth Mountain Ski Report Jan. 21, 2011 for Mammoth Ski Club

The snow has firmed u,p and the groomed runs are the best right now. The crowds are light, and the sun is out. Today the winds were very light which made it delightful. I want to personally thank Dave McCoy for building such a wonderful playground we can enjoy our entire lives!

I skied my narrower waisted skis today for the first time this season. I had waxed them to store them for the off-season, and I thought they had a fresh tune up before I waxed them. I was wrong.

I spent most of my day adjusting to more of a sideways slide due to my lack of edge. I usually use a burr stone, a foam block, and a diamond file to keep my edges sharp. My firm snow skis were ready for a full tune up. So here’s a tip for Mammoth Ski Club members. I like to take my skis to Mammoth Sporting Goods on Old Mammoth across from Vons for tune ups. They charge $45 but you can get a 25% off coupon (they’re pink) in the take one displays around town. There is a take one display right across the street at Carl’s Jr. last time I checked which held the coupon with the 25% discount.

This week is National Safety Awareness Week, so be sure to wear your safety gear, especially your helmet! 80% of fatalities skiing could have been prevented by wearing a helmet.

The National Weather Service forecasts a High of 37 and a Low of 23 F for Mammoth Lakes weather. The forecast for the next 5 days is for sunny weather and similar temperatures. At Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort the winds were light and not noticable.

I saw the US Ski Team practicing today. They had a course set up from Hair Jump to Andy’s Double Gold. I always love to watch from the ropes on the sides to see their focus and their ability to turn on a rail on very firm to icy snow. You can learn alot just by watching their body and hand positions.

If you want to see any photos of what it looks ike, just go back 2 days or more and you’ll see photos. Until then See You On the Slopes!

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