John Teller from Mammoth Mountain Wins Men’s Skiercross Gold at ESPNs X-Games 15!

John Teller of Mammoth Lakes, CA came from behind  to win the Gold medal at the Winter X-Games 15 at Aspen. Weeks before, John Teller became the first American to win a Skiercross World Cup. He has “come out of nowhere” to become the world leader every one else is chasing in professional Men’s Skiercross. That’s pretty awsome results for the unsponsored Mammoth Lakes CA, auto mechanic.

Chris Delbosco was in the lead early, but John Teller edged him out with superior form, and gliding in Chris’s slipstream. It was close at the end of the race as they were side by side at the finish line, but I was stoked to see Mammoth’s own John Teller come out in front.

When asked what makes him such an awesome skier to get these recent wins and he said, “I ski at Mammoth!” so maybe these’s hope for his fellow Mammoth Mountain skiers and members of Mammoth Ski Club. John Teller would make an awesome guest to bring to one of the Mammoth Ski Club on-slope events, wouldn’t he?

John Teller continued, “Hard work in life always pays off!”, so I have to agree with his philosophy that parallels the Puritan Work Ethic, for today. (Ask me if you wan to know what I learned later in life abou the Puritan Work Ethic and that there is a far easier, still ethical way to success than hard work)

Any way, I just wanted to report to Mammoth Ski Club members the good news as soon as I saw it.

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