Mammoth Mountain Ski Report Jan. 30, 2011 for Mammoth Ski Club

Yeah!!! It’s finally snowing again, and on the McCoy Staion webcam it looks like it is dumping right now. The National Weather Service forecast is a 90% chance of snow today with 5-7 inches predicted for Mammoth Lakes. The forecasted temperatures are a High of 25 and a Low of 13 today in town.

The snow base is 8-15 feet at Mammoth Mountain with 2-3″ of new snow that has fallen last night. The winds in town are out of the NE at 9 with gusts to 23 mph. On the loop radar for this area there is green, yellow and some oranges headed straight at Mammoth Mountain Ski Area. I love it when that moisture laps up against the Sierra, and provides a fresh coat of snow on the mountains and the trees.

Mammoth Mountain’s Chair 1 wind guage shows low overall winds with average wind speeds of 20, and the highest gusts show at about 40 mph. I couldn’t see the skiers on chair 2 from the McCoy Station webcam so it looked really socked in. My guess is that the lower slopes will be really fun today, and the top will be closed. Because the snow base is so firm underneath, it might be really slick on the steeper slopes today.

But I’m thrilled that we are receiving snow, and I hope it snow more than the 5-7″ predicted. I also hope that this kicks out the high pressure system pattern that we have been in all January. February is traditionally the snowiest month, so I’m looking forward to more powder days in the immediate future. Until Then, Pray fo Mo Sno!

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