Mammoth Mountain Ski Report Feb. 22, 2011 for Mammoth Ski Club – COLD FUSION

I skied today, and it was cold enough that I wore 3 layers on top and bottom. (adding fleece pants and a fleece jacket between the top and lower layer I usually wear) I was glad I wore 3 layers because it was very cold for Mammoth Lakes weather. I also wore my down mittens and fleece balaclava for ultimate warmth. The air temperature was about 20 F with a 30-40 knot breeze at 9: am on slope. That makes the effective temperature well below 0 F when you factor in the wind chill.

It was cold enough that I had to take a warm up lapĀ  on Stump Alley just to have enough body warmth generated to be able to get on chair 3 with out freezing. I alternated between skiing chair 3 and the upper and lower gondola. It was not crowded in the morning, and it was nice to be able to get on the gondola with no line at the bottom or mid-station to escape the wind.

Cornice was really nice as was Center Bowl and Agee’s Run. After about 2 hours, I took a break. Then I headed for the sheltered side of the mountain. I skied out of the increasing winds near The Promised Land, and the groomed was really nice for bombing down the run. I think I did 2 laps faster than I ever have on those runs.

By 1: pm it was getting a little crowded, and the winds continued to increase. So I decided to head back home. That’s the beauty of having a Mammoth Mountain Season Pass. You can quit when you’ve had you fun, and you don’t have to keep skiing just to “get your money’s worth”.

Mammoth Ski Club is offering a free drawing for a FREE Mammoth Mountain Season Pass so you can have one too! Just go to our home page at and fill in your information so we can alert you as who has won the drawing for a Mammoth Season Pass ($1675.00 Value).

OK, I’m hoping to ski next on Friday, so I’ll be giving you the daily ski report before 8:am tomorrow as I do when I do not ski. See You On the Slopes!

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