Mammoth Mountain Ski Report Feb. 23, 2011 for Mammoth Ski Club -WIND-BLOWN POWDER?

The National Weather Service has a Winter Storm Warning posted. They are forecasting a High of 34, and a Low of 15 for Mammoth Lakes weather. Snow is predicted to fall Thursday, Friday and Saturday on Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort. That will add to the 12-18 foot snow base. Will we get to over 20 feet of base?

The wind gauge on chair 1 shows steady winds of 20 mph with gusts to 40 mph. Today should be alot like yesterday, but it is forecasted to be windier. So I recommend 3 layers on top and bottom. Add down mittens to keep your hands warm (See product review of recommended down mittens and where to get them on sale), and a fleece balaclava for your face. Try to be on the sheltered side of the mountain today to avoid wind chills well below 0 F.

What I did yesterday moring was take the upper gondola to ski Cornice and generate warmth. Then ski 1 run down Center Bowl on chair 3 while I was warmer. Then go back to the gondola to warm up out of the wind. I also used the gondola from the bottom to do top to bottom runs mid-morning. So use these tips to have a fantastic day skiing at Mammoth Mountain today. Until next time, See You on the Slopes!

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