Mammoth Mountain Ski Report Feb. 28, 2011 for Mammoth Ski Club

This is a beautifully clear and cool morning at Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort. The National Weather Service forecasts a High of 35 and a Low of 14 F today for Mammoth Lakes weather. The winds are out of the SW at 8 with gusts to 22 mph. The wind gauge on chair 1 shows average wind speed of 25 with gusts to 40 mph. You can probably just wear 2 layers today top and bottom.

Today will be an incredible day to ski with virtually no crowds. Mammoth Mountainn now boasts a 12-18 foot snowbase. There is alot of fresh powder still on the top of the mountain and in the trees from the 3-4 feet that just fell. Does that mean you’ll find untracked areas? Unlikely at Mammoth, but if you go to June Mt. you will find fresh powder in the trees and on the face in places.

This should be an epic ski week. I’ll be out there tomorrow giving you another on-slope report, but until then I’ll See You On the Slopes!

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