Mammoth Mountain Ski Report March 26, 2011 for Mammoth Ski Club-STORMY SATURDAY

Today there is a Wind Advisory and a Hazardous Weather Outlook. The National Weather Service forecasts a 100% chance of snow today, a 30% chance Sunday, and Sunny for Monday Tuesday and Wednesday. The high is forecast to be 35 and the Low at 19 in Mammoth Lakes.

Here’s what the hut at the bottom of chair 3 looked like yesterday:

Mammoth Mountain's Chair 3 Hut is totally buried

4-7″ of new snow fell in the last 24 hours over the 17-27 foot snow base. The local radar shows moisture in our area represented in greens and yellow. The winds are out of the SSW at 9 with gusts to 39 in town. The Mammoth Mountain chair 1 tower 9 wind gauge shows steady winds of 15 with gusts to 33 mph. The McCoy webcam shows very strong gusts.

They ran a groomer down Gravy Chute Monday night in an attempt to clear the platform at the top of chair 1. Yesterday you could not turn right off chair 1 because there was so much snow you would have been hit by the returning chairs. Here’s how Gravy Chute looked yesterday:

Mammoth Mountain's chair 1 barely clears the snow built up in Gravy Chute.

My guess is that only the lower 1/3 of the mountain will be open, and it might close due to wind later today. Today might be a good day to read a book, or take your ski gear in to be turned up while you have the time. It is very unlikely that the top or even chairs 3 and 5 will open today.

McGee has more snow than I have ever seen, and I had to pull over and take this shot:

Are we due for a large avalanche at McGee 3-4 telephone poles across?

Save your energy for tomorrow and next week which will be excellent after the wind dies down. I plan to ski tomorrow, so I’ll be giving you the on-snow ski report update after skiing. Until Then See You On the Slopes!

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