Mammoth Mountain Ski Report March 28, 2011 for Mammoth Ski Club

The winds were low today, and the sun was out at Mammoth Mountain today. It was what I call a “Chamber of Commerce” day because it was so beautiful. I warmed up with a few runs down Stump Alley, Broadway, and the Glades looked too tempting to not ski it.

Then I met a Mammoth Ski Club member to ski the rest of the morning. We skied Center Bowl and West Bowl on chair 3 before we headed up to the top on chair 23. The top was good in every direction. It wasn’t deep, light powder, but it was smooth carvable powder. There were nice cornices every where along the top as none of it was groomed.

We skied Cornice, then moved over to MJB’s which was really fun. Then we skied Dropout 1 and Wipeout Chute 2 which were equally good. The crowds were down, and this is the first day the top has been open in a week, I think. So the terrain stayed smooth and really enjoyable.

There is so much snow the mountain  is recontoured in many places making it sorta unrecognizable. Classic time to get your classic Mammoth photos of the future.

We skied West Bowl which was completely filled in and smooth. About 12:30 my ski buddies had scheduled to meet a friend for lunch. So they went to meet their friend, and I used the last 30 minutes I had to ski China Bowl a few runs.

I ended with a run down Rodger’s Ridge, and did a face plant halfway down. I just got lazy and didn’t finish a turn. I slid head first down filling my jacket up with snow, like a Barney. But every thing was intact, except my personal pride in making a dumb mistake and ruining my “S’s” down the run.

I’m skiing with Mammoth Ski Club members tomorrow, and taking action photos. We’re hoping for some large snow plumes on Powder Chute, if you know what I mean. Until then, I’ll See You On the Slopes!

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