Mammoth Mountain Ski Report April 7, 2011 for Mammoth Ski Club

Mammoth Mountain's Paranoids and Philippe's offer excellent late season skiing.

The picture above shows the coverage on Paranoids and Philippe’s:

News services are reporting that Mammoth Mountain has the deepest snow base ever recorded at a ski resort at 15-25 feet, measured at the BOTTOM of the mountain. I spent most of last Tuesday recording the depth of the snow pack on the ski runs with 189 photos of the record snow.

This morning it is snowing again adding to our already generous 604″ of snow fall so far this season. Here’s how Chicken Huevos and Huevos grande looked on Tuesday:

Mammoth Mountain's Chicken Huevos and Huevos Grande have exceptional coverage.

Dave’s Run still has a nice cornice at the top:

Mammoth Mountain's Dave's Run named after the resort's founder, the legendary Dave McCoy.

Here’s how the stairs up to the Outpost Cafe in the back bowls looked on Tuesday:

Mammoth Mountain's Outpost Cafe is buried up to the patio level.

Here’s 2 Mammoth Ski Club members I lead into Hemlock Bowl:

Mammoth Mountain's Hemlock Bowl carved up by Mammoth Ski Club members.

The National Weather Service forecasts a 100% chance of snow today at 60% chance of snow on Friday, a 20% chance of snow on Saturday, and a chance of snow on Sunday. Mammoth Ski Club members will be skiing powder and the trees in the Promised Land this weekend at our monthly meetings this Saturday and Sunday.

Winds today are erratic with wind speeds averaging 20 mph and gusting to 74 mph on tower 9 of chair 1. It is snowing and blowing. If you ski today, I recommend skiing chairs 8, 16 and 22 if it is open.

The local radar shows moisture at Mammoth Mountain Ski resort that is likely to last a few days. Mammoth Mountain  reports 4-7″ of new snow overnight so there’s fresh powder for those who ski today. A Winter Weather Advisory is in effct for today, so be careful if you have to drive.

I plan to ski tomorrow, so I’ll give you an on-slope report after I ski. If you haven’t entered the drawing for the FREE Mammoth Mountain Season Pass ($1675.00 Value) go to and enter now.

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