Mammoth Mountain Ski Report April 20, 2011 for Mammoth Ski Club-630″ and counting!

There is snow falling at Mammoth Mountain again this morning. The National Weather Service forecasts a 30% chance of snow today, and a 40 % chance of snow on Thursday. Then partly sunny on Friday, and more snow on Saturday and Sunday. The Highs for the next 5 days are forecasted to be about 50, and the Lows will be mostly in the 20’s F.

The winds are out of the SSW at 15 with gusts to 33 mph. There is moisture evident on the local radar represented mostly in greens and blues.

Today lools like a good day to ski as the snow fall will be light on and off all day. Yesterday I skied with a Mammoth Ski Club member who skis really well. We were able to ski MJB’s early, and it was the best I have skied it all year. Nice and steep and smooth. Then we would cut under Varmits and Hangman’s for the filled in powder there. It had snowed about 6″ the night before, so some areas had been filled in with the help of the wind, and other areas were not filled in at all.

We tried Dropout 2, but it was frozen bumps that were not too forgiving. So we tried Climax, jumping off the cornice skier’s left. That was really fun because there is always increased anticipation as you reach the edge and finally see what you are leaping off. Most of the time we went off at an angle, but 1 time I went straight off and landed about 30 feeet below the cornice on Climax where I began to control my speed. We found some excellent untracked areas I will not detail here. You’ll have to come up and find your own, or have me guide you to them as a Mammoth Ski Club member. Skiing is still great, and will be until Mammoth closes on July 4th.

If you haven’t entered the drawing for the Free Unlimited Mammoth Mountain Seasson Pass yet, go to and enter now. I plan to ski next on probably Friday when the sun peaks out. Until then, I’ll see you on the slopes!

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