Mammoth Mountain Ski Report April 24, 2011 for Mamoth Ski Club – Crimes Reported At Mammoth On Easter!

It was a crime of lack of passion that occurred at Mammoth Mountain today. The crime that ocurred is that some people did not ski today which is the last day you can ski out of Canyon Lodge and Eagle Lodge. For the passionate skier, today was worth it to savor the last easy access to those powder stashes. I can tell you from first hand personal experience that Tuesday, Friday and Sunday this week were all powder days that had excellent skiing all over the mountain. Tuesday the top was good with MJB’s smooth as a baby’s… well you know what:)

Friday was good with the top opening early, and the cornice on Climax was really fun to jump off on your entry. Most people were traversing into Climax from a lower entry point, so the first 3-5 turns were untracked and above any traverse lines. But today was awesome! I got the 3rd chair on chair 2, and went straight to Rodger’s Ridge. I got first tracks, and went through the trees lower for more untracked powder stashes. I jumped back on the chair and got back to Rodger’s Ridge in time to cross my own tracks!

I skied Rodger’s the first 4 laps, then switched to chair 1 for some Wall through the Glades, and Baby Gravy through the Glades. Those lines were worthy of 4 laps. Then  I took a break to warm up. It was kinda windy and I was wearing 3 layers on top, my fleece balaclava, my down mittens, and glad I was wearing all of it. Mammoth Ski Club members should look for an email I will be sending you in the next few days about where to get down mittens for $30 ($80 value) and polarized goggles from a major manufactured for only $40 ($200 Value).

So, here’s another little trick for inclement days. Keep 2 fleece balaclavas in your ski bag in the car. Use 1 normally, but by having 2 on a snowy day, you can put the second one on after your break and not have to put back on a wet and cold balaclava. I did that today, and it was really nice venturing back out in the weather with a dry fleece balaclava warm to my face. What I did after my break was took chair 10 over to Lincoln Mountain and chair 22 because this is the last day this side of the mountain will be open this year.

A lot of people were leaving when I took my break about 10 am because they were not prepared for the snowy and windy weather. I came fully prepared, and had a blast the whole time I was there. I was never cold. But you need to be prepared when you ski Mammoth. Anything is possible.

So I took chair 10, and traversed over to Avalanche Chute 3. The entry to the bowl from 3 was a huge bowl of powder about calf-deep. I knew then that the Chutes would be good. I took chair 22 and dropped into Avalanche Chute 2 between 1 & 2. It was super icy and vertical above some small trees that would not have been fun sliding into. I made it over to 2, and it was butter the whole way down. Ther were some people standing on the run, so I used them as slalom poles, and skied the steepest part skier’s left into the bowl at the bottom. Super fun!

Then I tried Grizzley, good but not as good as Avalanche Chute 2. Then I skied Avalanche Chute 1 and Viva which were really good, especially when you consider it is the end of the 3rd week of April. I then tried Back for More and The Promised Land. The trees of the Promised Land were excellent, and there was some knee deep powder in there. I laped that 3 times, then went to chair 5 which was the uppermost chair that was open due to the weather.

Chair 5 was empty, skied right into the chair with 20 empty chairs ahead of me. It was windy at the top, but Sanctuary was untracked powder top to bottom. I did that 3 laps, then headed home to spend some time with family on Easter. Happy Easter to you all!

If you haven’t entered the drawing for the FREE Mammoth Mountain Season Pass yet, go to www.MammothSkiClub and enter now. There is also details on how to get skis at wholesale as a Mammoth Ski Club member, so be sure to look for that way to get brand new, top of the line skis for only $370!!! I’ll be making another ski report later. Until then, See You On the Slopes!

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