Mammoth Mountain Ski Report April 29, 2011 for Mammoth Ski Club – SOLID SNOWBASE

I skied this morning, and it was much firmer that it has been. The winds were strong yesterday and last night, so I intentionally got a late start. I got on chair 2 before 10: am, and it was still very firm, some would call it frozen solid. Now please don’t misundertake me… It was not the type of snow base where it is clear like ice in your freezer. It was still white underfoot, just much more difficult to get and hold your edge.

It was so firm that after only about 3 runs down Stump Alley, I took a break for about 30 minutes. So I come back to Stump Alley at 11: am, and it was still incredibly firm. So I tried Center Bowl on chair 3, and it is really firm too. The thing about when it is like this, it is easy to let your speed get away from you and/or tip your shoulders into the hill which will cause your to slide and fall. Body position is so important in this type of conditions.

When we have Mammoth Ski Club meetings, several of us have taken the 10 week Performance Development class at Mammoth Mountain, so we can help diagnose challenges with your balance that cause you problems in difficult conditions. Being centered and balanced is everything in skiing all terrain.

The National Weather Service is forecasting Saturday and Sunday to be in the 40’s in the day, and the 20’s at night. I usually prefer to get the first half of the day, but this weekend  it might be a good idea to wait till afternoon because the snow is so firm early it is just dangerous for all but the most seasoned skiers.

I did try the top skiing Cornice at about 12: Noon and it was skiable, but firmer than I really like. The back side of 3, aka Saddle Bowl, was the best snow today because they groomed that last so it had not frozen as solid as the rest of the runs. I skied Broadway, and that was still firm. So I tried 2 runs down Chump Alley, and it was still really firm. I skied a day like this with my daughter before, where we left because I lost faith in it ever softening up. Well that’s the value of having a season pass. You don’t have to continue skiing just to try to get your moneys worth.

If you don’t have a Mammoth Season Pass yet, Mammoth Ski Club is having a drawing for an Unlimited Mammoth Mountain Season Pass ($1675.00 Value). All you do is go to and enter to be in the drawing, and you’ll also find out about the wholesale deal on skis Mammoth Ski Club members now get. I got a new pair of powder skis for only $370, and you can too!

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