Mammoth Mountain Ski Report May 9, 2011 for Mammoth Ski Club-MUCHO POWDER AMIGO!

I was going to work today, but when I looked at the McCoy webcam, I instantly saw that West Bowl was filled in. I knew that there would be a lot of smooth, filled-in runs today with the low crowds. So I took care of my responsibilities quickly, then hit the slopes at 9: am.

It was cold when I got out of the car, but I opted to wear only 2 layers on top because it is the middle of May, after all. It was cold enough on the first chair that I pulled out my fleece balaclava, and put it on to keep my face warm. I tried Rodger’s Ridge first which was mostly filled in, but had some inconsistencies from being skied yesterday.

Next I hit West Bowl. The left and middle were good and smooth powder the whole way down. The fresh powder had set up some so it wasn’t feather light, but this time of year, I’ll take what I can get. Most ski resorts in the northern hemisphere are closed.

 About 10:30 I took a break, and a lot of people were leaving because it had started to snow pretty hard. I deceided to add a layer on top by putting on a fleece jacket under my ski jacket. Then I used my 2nd fleece balaclava to have a dry one to put on for the next ski session. I also added down gloves so I would really be warm.

Now I don’t want to give away the secret stashes, but I will say that there were fresh tracks to be had all day. I skied with a guy named Bernard who was skiing a similar line at a similar pace. We hit probably 7 different untracked lines, and we could go back to any of them for more untracked. The already light crowds cut in half about 10:30, and most of them were avoiding the upper chair. My favorite chairs today were 3 and 1.

I left about 1: pm, and it started to really dump. It snowed all the way to the top of the Sherwin grade on the way home. Don’t tell anyone, but tomorrow is going to be really good, and I am going to be there to give you an updated ski report.

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