Mammoth Mountain Ski Report May 10, 2011 for Mammoth Ski Club-MO’ POWDER!

I skied again today, and it was sunny when I arrived at 9: am. I got on chair 2 for a warm up run. Then I skied to McCoy Station to take the gondola to the top. ThisĀ is the first day the top was open with this recent snowfall so there are plenty of fresh tracks opportunities.

The winds at the top were strong coming up the faces so you got blasted when you approached the edge. I skied Cornice first which had an icy area at the top 50 feet of the run. Past that it was really fun and carvable powder, maybe boot-top deep. I skied that, and cut into West Bowl on my way back to McCoy.

The next ride on the gondola, I wound up meeting Robin Morning. Robin Morning is a former Olympic racer from Mammoth that trained under Dave McCoy. She is the author of “Tracks of Passion” which is my absolute favorite book about Mammoth Mountain because of the stories and photos, and how she ties it all together.

In our short conversation to the top we agreed that a book signing next year for Mammoth Ski Club members would be a good idea next ski season. Look under the category in this blog – Mammoth Mountain Related Book Reviews – for a review of “Tracks of Passion”.

So after speaking with Robin Morning, I skied MJB’s from the peak and I could not see that it was icy for the first about 50 feet. I dropped in and turned slightly to the right and instantly felt the ice. I made a left back to softer snow, and from there it was nice all the way down. I crused through West Bowl again as the powder was still good there.

Then I hit all the secret stashes I hit yesterday and another off chair 1. I skied The Wall through the Glades, and it was really fun and very few skiers had been throught there.

The US Olympic Team is at Mammoth practicing, so they are fun to watch in their training. By about 1: pm I had skied enough, and I went home to write this blog.

2 notes for theose of you driving up. 1) The wild iris are blooming in Round Valley across from Mustang Mesa. I took some photos this afternoon on the way home because the lighting with the clouds were interesting. 2) This is deer migration season so be careful. Deer blend in perfectly with their surroundings. Keep your eyes open, and your finger on the horn to scare these animals out of harms way. Deer are known to jump in front of or into the side of your car so be careful.

One day last deer migration season there 32 incidents of vehicles and deer causing a collision. In one of those collisions a man who had summited Mt. Everest was killed when his motorcycle hit a deer going up the grade near Onyx Summit. So please be careful.

Mammoth Ski Club is proud to offer its members a Pro Form deal on skis like the ski patrollers and instructors get. I got new powder skis for $370, and you can too! Mammoth Ski Club also offers a drawing for a Free Mammoth Mountain Season Pass ($1675.00 Value). To find out about both these deals go to and enter the drawing at the bottom of the page.

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