Mammoth Mountain Ski Report May 17, 2011 for Mammoth Ski Club-Knee Deep Powder in late May!

Mammoth Mountain is having an incredible ski season, and it just keeps coming. Over 54′ of snowfall, a 10-19 foot base now, and a 255 day ski season have made this an epic year. And I’ll be skiing until July 4th!

Skied today with Mammoth Ski Club member Dr. Mark Kennedy, and showed him some of the less obvious powder stashes at Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort.

It was snowing, and the wind picked up about 9: am. But, not to worry. The right ammount of wind makes the powder runs fill in, so it’s fresh powder every run. And that is what we had, fresh powder every run. We warmed up on chair 2 down Chump Alley. Then hit chair 3 for West Bowl freshies. The visibility was not superb, but we made 6-7 runs down West Bowl, Center Bowl, and Christmas Bowl. The powder was about boot top deep there. Then we hit chair 1 for some of my favorite powder stashes.

I can not tell you all the different places we skied because a fella has to have some secrets doesn’t he? But because it was filing in the tracks with the wind-blown powder every run, you could go in any direction and be loving it. We skied until 2: pm, and then I had to go and pick up my daughter from school.

I skied yesterday too, and the top was open with knee deep powder off the cornice on Climax. Everywhere off the top was awesome, and I even snuck over to Avalanche Chute 2 for fresh tracks on Lincoln Mt. What a blast to have 2 powder days in a row the third week of May. Only in Mammoth!!!

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