Mammoth Mountain Ski Report May 27, 2011 for Mammoth Ski Club

I skied yesterday, and the snow is in a spring pattern. When I say spring pattern, I mean that the snow is usually frozen and too firm first thing in the morning. Then there is a 3 to maybe 4 hour wondow where is is carvable before it turns to slush. The most challenging question is, “When will it be soft enough to get a decent edge?”

The key is if it freezes the night before, and how much of the mountain froze. The snow freezing can be caused by temperatures under 32 F, or low temperatures combined with wind. Lately it has been softening up around 10 am, and is good until about 1 pm.

So yesterday I got there about 9:30, and it was only softening on Chump Alley. After a few runs down that, I went and tried Center Bowl on chair 3, but it was still too firm. So I went back and skied Mambo to chair 2, and Mambo to Gus’s pasture. About 11 am Broadway softened up, and that was fun.

Then I tried Cornice off the upper gondola, and it was really nice. I skied top to bottom runs on Cornice through runs on the back of chair 1 for a nice lap. Then I just jumped on the gondola with no line, and rode it back to the top about 4 times.

The crowds are light now, but the wind was surprisingly strong and brisk. I again put on 2 layers top and bottom, but needed my fleece balaclava on my face the whole day because the air was cold. The temperature on the board in front of the Main Lodge said 51 F, but it felt much colder. When I left at 1 pm the board at the bottom of Chump Alley said it had dropped to 46 F.

At that point the loose snow was refreezing making it very challenging. I hope to ski next on Sunday, and there’s supposed to be new snow again. The next Mammoth Ski Club meeting and other pertinent Eastern Sierra information will be emailed to those whom have opted into the Mammoth Ski Club home page later today.

If you haven’t opted in yet to get the lastest insider information, you can enter the drawing for the Free Unlimited Mammoth Season Pass at the same time at

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