Mammoth Mountain Ski Report June 2, 2011 for Mammoth Ski Club

I skied the last 2 days which is unusual for me this time of year. Yesterday, I skied from 9 until about 12 when the freezing rain started coating my goggles. Up until then, it was fun on the lower mountain. Chair 3 was open, but no one was skiing it because the visability was bad.

It was cold enough to be wearing 2 layers top and bottom, and my fleece balaclava under my helmet both days. Here’s how the top of Mammoth looked this morning:

Here's the view going up chair 23 this morning. Some wind buff to the left and right.

Today I skied again from 9 until Noon. There was a trace of new snow today which made the edge grip better than yesterday. And it was clear today unlike yesterday which was cloudy. So Mammoth Mountain was open on chiars 1, 3 and 23 today with nice snow all over.

I was anxious to see if the powder had filled in any areas, so I took Wipeout 1 for a first run which is NOT always a good decision. Really, it is a good idea to warm up BEFORE skiing the top, but I figured since I skied yesterday my brain was warmed up any way;)

Wipeout 1 had some nice powder, but it was hard to let loose because there was ice underneath the new snow. I felt like 1 slip, and I might be in for an extended slide. So I semi-carefully picked my way down that run. Then I skied Cornice which was groomed with about 3″ of fresh powder on top. That made it really carvable and grippy. It was fun until I’d done about 20 laps top and bottom every where that was open.

Now you can’t be too picky this time of year, and you don’t get 6 hours of skiing. But with no lift lines, you can get a lot of skiing in just a few hours. Mammoth Ski Club has a free drawing for a Mammoth Unlimited Season Pass ($1675.00 Value). Just go to to enter, and you’ll also find out about the Pro Form deal on skis (wholesale) we will be offerring our members next season.

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