Mammoth Mountain Ski Report June 7, 2011 for Mammoth Ski Club-667″ AND COUNTING!

I skied today, arriving at 9 am at the Main Lodge. It was fun everywhere with the fresh powder maybe 3-5″ deep. Here’s how the top looked today:

Mammoth Mountain's Cornice and Dropout Chutes have excellent coverage.

I heard yesterday was cold and miserable with little to no visability. But today was no wind and blue skies. It was so warm in the parking lot that I just wore a fleece over my polypropolene top. Anyway, I started on Chair 3, and skied Center Bowl which was carvable. Then I skied Cornice because it looked like it was soft already.

Cornice was really nice, the best it has been in weeks, and I skied that 3 times to warm up. Then Dropout 2 looked like it had some untracked powder in it, so I hit that chute. It had powder, but it was kinda heavy. But I’d rather have heavy powder than vertical ice, so it was welcome. Then I traded off skiing Scotty’s down St. Anton and down Terry’s Run, and skiing Cornince back to chair 23.

My radiator hose began leaking when I was putting my boots on, so I thought I’d better attend to that. Luckily, I always carry duct tape for just such an occaision. So I duct taped the leak on the hose, refilled the radiator with water from discarded water bottles I found in the trash and refilled.

I hoped I would get most of the way home before I would have to call the AAA tow truck, but to my surprise, the duct tape held so well it didn’t leak, and I made it home and to the auto parts store with my temporary fix. Skiing should be fun, but getting warmer the rest of the week which leaves about a 2-3 hour window where it is really good, usually in the morning. Spring and Summer hours are from 7:30 am to 2: pm until further notice.

Come on up and ski, then hike or fish in the afternoon if you have the time. Mammoth Ski Club is holding a drawing for a FREE Mammoth Mountain Unlimited Season Pass. Just go to and opt in at the bottom to be entered in the drawing and receive information on the Pro Deal on skis (wholesale) offerred to Mammoth Ski Club members.

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