Mammoth Mountain Ski Report July 4th, 2011 for Mammoth Ski Club

Happy Independence Day to All! I skied today, and it was warm but fun. Here’s what it looked like from chair 3 open top to bottom:

Mammoth Mountain is still coated in snow. Here's a shot with the Minarets and Mts. Banner and Ritter in the background.

I skied in shorts for the first time in my 43 years of skiing, and was not cold. But I hedged my bet with a light fleece over my t-shirt. Started at opening at 7:30, and Stump Alley was fun and carvable already. Then I tried Center Bowl on chair 3 which was also carvable corn snow.

After several laps down Center Bowl, I took the gondola to the top and skied Cornice. Cornice was already soft and fun the whole way down. After a few laps, chair 23 opened so you could ski Wipeout and Dropout Chutes. I preferred to ski Cornice and either Terry’s Run or Andrea’s Gold down to chair 1. That was a really fun top to bottom lap.

The mood was celebratory and patriotic on the slopes today. Many people were dressed in some form of red, white and blue. Some of the girls had bikini tops on, and one female snowboarder had a bikini top and bottom. And here I thought the view from Mammoth could not get better:)

So it with a tear in my eye that I close this ski season with this final ski report of the 2010-2011 ski season. We’ve had an almost 8 month ski season, so I guess it is time to do some hiking, fishing, and take some beautiful photos.

I will be posting reviews of local Mammoth businesses and hikes I’m taking over the summer. If you have any restaurants or ski shops that you want me to review, just post to this blog in the comments. If you have your own review, post it in the comments of this post and I will approve it and post it in the reviews section giving you full credit for your review. And if you haven’t entered the drawing for the Free Mammoth Mountain Unlimited Season, go to and enter now.

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