Everest Challenge Gains 29,035 feet in Elevation in Just 2 Days!

A lone rider heads down the first of 3 canyon climbs that day with the fall colors just changing.

There is a cycling event that is held every year in the Eastern Sierra called the Everest Challenge. What these cyclists do is ride up 3 monumental climbs each day for 2 consecutive days.

So last Saturday, I was up checking out the fall colors, and the first leg of the Everest Challenge was going on. Above is a rider going down in the South Fork of Bishop Creek after turning around at South Lake at 9768 ft. elevation.

Now if you have driven up Hwy 168 (Line St. headed west), or any of the Bishop area canyons, you know they are steep in a car. Can you imagine how difficult this is on a bicycle?

I rode part of this ride with my daughter one Spring, and the mountain road is so steep I was in my granny gear doing switchbacks up the road. On the way back down it was so steep my brakes were literally turning to liquid. I resolved to never ride this steep a slope without disc brakes for adequate braking.

The Everest Challenge is the most difficult two day stage race on the USA Cycling circut. They climb 29,035 feet in 206 miles in 2 consecutive days of racing. They ride up some of the steepest terrain to some of the highest road ends in the Eastern Sierra.

It is great exercise and conditioning for the coming ski season, don’t you think? What’s your favorite ski conditioning ride or exercise?

Only about 6 weeks until Mammoth Mountain opens for the 2011-2012 ski season. Start your conditioning now if you haven’t already. And if you haven’t entered the drawing for the Free Mammoth Mountain Season Pass, go to www.MammothSkiClub.com and enter now. Once you enter, you will be notified of announcements and developments regarding Mammoth Ski Club events and on-slope meetings.


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