Mammoth October Snowstorm Dumps 15″ of Snow at Mammoth Mountain!

The snowstorm hit yesterday with all the fury of a winter storm. Roads had chain requirements, and all the high passes including Tioga Pass closed, temporarily. Here’s what Mt. Tom and Basin Mountain looked like at dawn this morning:

First light hits the Eastern Sierra with the sage blooming, and a fresh coat of powder.

Mammoth Mountain has given Mammoth Ski Club the green light on our events for a trip to Hole in the Wall, a tour of the avalanche guns used at Mammoth, and a book signing with the author of the autobiography of Dave McCoy and Mammoth Mountain, Robin Morning.

Heli/cat-skiing trips are planned for February and March for the Mammoth Ski Club members that register early before it is sold out. If you haven’t registered for the FREE Mammoth Season Pass yet, go to and enter at the bottom of the page.

Mammoth’s open date is November 10, but be ready because they may open early with the early snowfall. See Ya Soon on the Slopes!



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