NOAH Announces Another La Nina Weather Pattern, and Mammoth Ski Club Announces $1 November Membership!

The National Weather Service has announced we will be in a “La Nina” weather pattern for this fall, winter and spring. The short story is Mammoth Mountain is likely to enjoy another year of heavy and consistent snowfall, and you are going to want to enjoy it often. YAAAA!!!!

Mammoth Ski Club will now conduct 3 days of ski meetings every month, November – July. We will ski in a group, divide into ability levels, and ski until lunch where we will meet as a group again for lunch and conversation. Those that have the “legs” can ski the afternoon together. A dinner list will be made at check-in for those interested in meeting for dinner and evening activities.

Additional Mammoth Ski Club benefits have been added from last year including the ability to get a Pro Deal on skis, ski boots, and accessories from major manufacturers.

Additional local trips are planned to Hole in the Wall, June Mountain, and a tour of the avalanche control at Mammoth Mountain. Events are planned with local sponsors. Heli-skiing and cat-skiing trips out of state are planned for February and March, so members will need to register early before we are sold out on these trips.

Mammoth Ski Club will also be offering a couples price so couples with the same address on their Drivers Licenses can join for the price of 1 membership. Approximately 55% of people who ski Mammoth Mountain are couples. This way couples can find people who enjoy skiing at their ability, while their partner does the same. Then they can meet back up with the rest of their group and their “significant other” for lunch and activities.

More Mammoth Ski Club benefits are being arranged as I write this, and I will let you know of developments as they happen. $1 membership for November will become available November 1, so mark your calendar now so that you don’t miss out on this incredible deal.

I’ll be keeping you up to date, and I look forward to seeing you out on the slopes at Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort soon!

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