Casper and My Hike to Long Lake – a Photo Essay

I started a new category, “Adventures of Casper and Larry”. This category will detail Eastern Sierra hikes, and sometimes a nice place nearby to have lunch. About a week ago, Casper and I drove up in the Bishop drainage (Line St.) Here’s what it looked like along the way:

The view of the mountains covered in recent snowfall with the sage blooming in the foreground.

We kept going up to South Lake with the intention of trying to hike over the recent snowfall to get to Long Lake. I wasn’t sure if we could make it, but we could try! We got started about 10:30, and before Noon, we were there without too much trouble. As we approached the lake, here’s what we saw:

The close end of the lake was still smooth as the wind had not picked up.

We kept going to the middle of the lake where my favorite picnic rock sits by the side of the lake. Here’s Casper on my favorite rock:

Casper is always up for a hike or a walk. This is the first time he had some of my Cliff Bar a snack.

After about an hour break sunning ourselves in the 70 degree temperatures, we took one more set of photos of Hurd Peak. Here’s the best of the set:

Hurd Peak makes a dramatic backdrop and reflection at Long Lake.

So we went back the approximately 3 miles back to the parking lot at South Lake. What a nice break for the day! We only saw 1 other group while going up to Long Lake and while we were there. If you haven’t been to Long Lake yet, you have a week or two before there will probably be too much snow to reach it easily.

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