Dave McCoy and Walt Disney Post Feedback from Disneyland for Mammoth Ski Club

I wrote a post comparing the similarities of Dave McCoy and Walt Disney at www.DaveMcCoyPhoto.com

Here’s what Bob Walker who has worked at Disneyland forĀ 24 years emailed me after reading my post:

Hello Larry,

I have been wanting to write you and tell you how much I enjoyed your article and comparison between Walt Disney and Dave McCoy, I have been a big Dave McCoy and a Walt fan for years, I have worked at Disneyland for over 24 years and as I write you this note looking out the window to view New Orleans and The Rivers of America to the left of my desk I have two Articles written about Dave McCoy on my wall and a few quotes of his, I have to explain to everyone who Dave is and his incredible story…..I did have the opportunity to meet Dave years ago at one of the Foundations Dinner at the Dave McCoy
Invitational. It was great to see that someone had finally compared the two, Walt and Dave……..Thank you so much for writting this article……I would still love to sit down and have dinner with Dave and Roma someday………
Again, Thank you soo much, I have shared your article with many here……
Thank you,
Bob Walker

If you want to read the article, go to www.DaveMcCoyPhoto.com and search in the search window for Walt Disney, and it should come up. Mammoth Ski Club’s launch of $1 test-drive of Mammoth Ski Club membership for November starts November 1st, so be sure to subscribe to this feed for future announcements and information. (It’s the little orange button on the navigation bar)

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