Mammoth Mountain Opens Canyon Lodge and Eagle Today & The New High-Speed Chair 5 on Friday!

Mammoth Mountain is alive and well despite Mother Nature’s stinginess with natural snow. There is good skiing on many runs, and the new “High-Five Express” chair opens this Friday. Here’s what it looked like today:

Snowmaking is taking place to open the new High Five Express at Mammoth Mountain.

I like how they moved the base of this chair so it is easily accessed from chair 3 by Coyote. It also directs downhill traffic away from the chair which is better traffic flow. This will really help in moving people around the mountain.

Mammoth Mountain has been uncrowded since opening a month ago. There’s not a lot of natural snow, but the parks and pipes are great, and I’ve found myself doing some of the fastest runs I’ve done in a long time because there is no one on the run to distract me. The coverage on the runs is surprisingly good with some obsticles.

I skied all over the open runs today. I thought the worst snow conditions were off chair 10, and the best were the backside of chair 1. Those runs were very carvable, and I did probably 6 hot laps in rapid succession.

Canyon and Eagle Lodges opened today so you can access Mammoth Mountain from any of the normal access points, parking lots,¬†and lodges. I’ve heard Big Bear has a deeper snow base than Mammoth, but you’re still stuck with their short, mostly flat runs in comparison. I prefer Mammoth’s terrain, and tons of high-speed chairs.

This Christmas avoid the crowds, and come to Mammoth Mountain. You’ll be glad you did. (reservations are down) Until then, I’ll See You On the Slopes!

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