Mammoth Mountain Ski Report December 28, 2011 for Mammoth Ski Club

Gina Z. and the Minarets today.

I skied Mammoth Mountain today, and it was surprisingly warm and uncrowded for Christmas vacation. When I arrived at 8:30, it was already 44 degrees. It was apparent that the snowmaking crew had not been able to make snow due to the warm temperatures. I was able to park right where I do mid-week, non-holiday usually due to the low number of visitors in Mammoth Lakes.

It was a really pretty day with some clouds and virtually no wind. The warm temperatures was better than when I skied a week ago and it was below 0 with wind chill. We skied all over the open runs on chairs 1, 2, 3, and 10, and the snow was easy  to get an edge into.

We skied until about 10:30, and took a break at the Mill. There were chairs out on the snow, and it was nice to soak up the abundant sunshine. If you could avoid chairs 2 and 10 after 11 am, you could avoid most all lift lines.

Long-term forecast models show the possibility of snow about January 10th, so pray real hard and hopefully Uller will bless us with a great January. Until then, I’ll see you on the Slopes!

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