Mammoth Mountain Ski Report for Mammoth Ski Club 1/11/12 – PRAY FOR SNOW!

Today I skied beginning at 9 am, and skied until Noon. This is my Mammoth Mountain ski report for Mammoth Ski Club members. There was no wind, and here’s what Broadway looked like:

Mammoth Mountain's Broadway was wide open with good coverage and hardly any people on it.

The main runs open are off chairs 1, 2, and 3 for most skiers. Chairs 5 and several others only had 1 run open due to the natural snow drought. But I found the skiing off chairs 1, 2 and 3 to be fun and a lot like Spring skiing.

The winds were nonexistent, so the temperatures were in the mid 40’s by 11 am. It had been cold enough to make some snow the night before. I also skied on the new chair 5, but just Solitude was open on the ridge. You could make lots of fast “training runs” today.

Here’s a photo of Dave’s Run today:

This shot is from the back of chair 10 looking up the ridge of 5 towards Dave's Run.

The gondola was open to the top, but most people were avoiding skiing Cornice as the lower slopes had the better, softer snow. My favorite runs today were Andy’s Gold and Broadway.

The coverage was OK, but there are enough small rocks in places that I could not avoid hitting some of the smaller ones. My skis will be glad when we get help from Mother Nature with some natural snow which is forecast in about a week.

Rusty Gregory, the CEO of Mammoth Mountain, sent a letter to his employees that they plan to stay in full operation as much as possible, and are not cutting back as are many western ski resorts. I believe that Rusty Gregory is doing the right thing, and it will pay of as a win/win for both skiers and management.

Mammoth Ski Club has postponed their 1/14-16 meeting until 1/28-30, so there’s still time to join us then. To enter the drawing for the FREE mammoth Mountain Season Pass, go to www.MammothSkiClub.comand enter in the entry window. Then you’ll also receive all the details of Mammoth Ski Club membership. Until next time, I’ll see you on the slopes!


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