Yosemite Ice Skating in January, 2012 Report for Mammoth Ski Club

Friday I took a trip 80 miles north to Tioga Pass which is the back entrance to Yosemite, and the entrance to the high-country. Here’s a shot of Lake Tanaya:

Lemert Dome and Lake Tanaya in the high-country of Yosemite.

It was so quiet and beautiful, but that wasn’t the best thing. The best thing was… there were NO MOSQUITOS! If you have ever been to Yosemite, you know there are billions of very well fed, but hungry, mosquitoes. The size of a mosquito in Yosemite is about 300% the size of a normal mosquito. But the mosquitoes and crowds were gone. Here’s a shot of Half Dome from Olmstead Point:

Half Dome was clearly visable from Olmstead Point in Yosemite.

I spent about an hour at Olmstead Point enjoying the solitude with my red Rodeo the only car in the parking lot most of the time. Then I headed back to Lake Tanaya to enjoy it there. Here is a shot as you approach Lake Tanaya from the west:

The west shore of Lake Tanaya in Yosemite was beautiful and peaceful.

You could hear the ice moving, and it was stacking up on the western shore where I was. There were probably 30 ice skaters on the lake around Noon, and you could see they were really enjoying this experience to be ice skating at Lake Tanaya in the middle of January for the first time since the 1930’s. Here’s a lone skater in front of Polly Dome on Lake Tanaya:

A lone skater enjoys the experience of ice skating in the Yosemite high-country in the middle of January for the first time since the 1930's.

I had a wonderful day in Yosemite, but I am chomping at the bit to ski some powder at Mammoth Mountain. Latest prediction on when the snowfall will commence is 7-10 days. Once it starts snowing, we’ll quickly forget our snow drought. See you on the slopes!

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