Mammoth Mountain Ski report February 3, 2012 for Mammoth Ski Club – BEAUTIFUL!

I skied Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort today for about 5 hours. Here’s what Mammoth Mountain looks like for coverage overall:

Mammoth Mountain as you see it entering Mammoth Lakes is mostly covered with snow, but could use more.

I started about 9 am, and there was virtually no wind. The air temperature was still cold, and I wound up putting some fleece on my face. I skied chair 3, and it was really carvable in Center Bowl, especially skiers’ left. Then I skied the upper Gondola and Cornice had a soft, fresh groom on it. By the time I got to the bottom I had a big grin on my face. “That was as nice as I’ve skied it so far this year.”, I thought to myself.

Always in search of the “greener grass”, I skied Dave’s Run to Solitude. Dave’s was funky, and not too good. Lots of small cross-cut bumps and still a lot of rocks that will need more snow to be covered. I planned to ski Gold Hill, but the ski patrol had put round red signs across the run as a cautionary measure. It looked boilerplate, so I kept going. Solitude was groomed as smooth as the 405 fwy, and you could enlarge your turns into some nice GS.

Followed that to the track to Back for More. I love to do the variations off chair 25 and Back for More. It doesn’t get as effected by the sun as the runs more towards chair 9. I did some screamers down there, as there were only maybe 3-4 people on the entire run.

I came back after those runs and skied Solitude again off chair 5. It had good coverage and some lose, carvable snow on it. By this time I came to the conclusion that the best snow I had skied was on Cornice. So I skied to chair 2, and went to ride the upper gondola again.

I did top to bottom runs down Cornice and then over the back of chair 1 to Fascination, and back to the gondola. Again the snow on Cornice was really nice, and the loose snow had built into soft pillows you could use to turn and check your speed if you had to.

Mammoth Mountain should be fun for those of you traveling up this weekend. Next snow potential as of now is this Tuesday. We’ll see what happens.

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