Mammoth Mountain Ski Report February 15, 2012 for Mammoth Ski Club-WINTER IS HERE!!!

I skied Mammoth Mountain yesterday, and it was the best day I’ve skied so far this year. The 9” of new snow made it pillowy soft all day long. First, I skied chair 2 and it was uncrowded so you could find fresh lines everywhere.

Then I hit chair 3 for some runs down Center Bowl and West Bowl. Most of the skiers had gone on the high traverse off the back of 3, so that left West Bowl largely untouched. I made several laps through West Bowl testing to see how far I could go skiers’ right without hitting rock. I was able to cross my tracks twice before I sought different terrain.

Then I hit The Wall through The Glades. That was mostly untouched, and it was fun using the tree tops as slalom poles. That was worth about 4 laps.

I was about to take a break, when I saw chair 23 open.  I thought about skiing Monuments which had been good on Sunday, but as I was riding the chair up 50-70 skiers hit Monuments before I could get there. I saw that Dropout had only about 10 skiers, so I headed that direction. Dropout had only 1 entry point through the rocks at the top, but deep powder was your reward for picking your way through.

I skied that line back to chair 23 until there was no more fresh powder to be had. Then I took my short break. After my quick break, I went to ski chair 5.  Face of Five was really nice with boot top to almost knee deep powder if you knew where to look. I made 4 laps on that, and then tried the bowl skiers’ right off Solitude. That was excellent, but it always requires a short hike out of the low point.

I made my way over to Back for More on the cat track, and that was empty. I went into the trees there for the first time this year and it was a little sketchy, but I managed to not snag anything. After a few laps in the trees, I figured out that the best snow left was on Face of Five, so I went back there. I skied that until about 2: pm, and then headed home.

Now it finally feels like Winter is here because you can get into most of the chutes and the trees at Mammoth Mountain. Use caution on the Lincoln Mountain and Eagle sides of the mountain as the coverage is thinnest there due to the sun exposure.

More snow is falling today with 8” of fresh powder today adding to the 9” that fell on Monday. Skiing should be very good for the President’s weekend. I encourage you to make the pilgrimage to Mammoth Mountain this weekend. It will be worth it! I will be skiing again tomorrow, so my next Mammoth Mountain Ski Report will be after that.



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