Mammoth Mountain Ski Report February 17, 2012 for Mammoth Ski Club-SMAO!!!

I skied yesterday at Mammoth Mountain, and it was spectacular! Everywhere is open, and the coverage is the best it has been all year. The main pack at opening hit the high traverse off the back of chair 3, so I went a different direction. I noticed that West Bowl had filled in nicely and was largely untouched, so I did about 4 laps down West Bowl. The bumps were perfect and soft, so you could really point them downhill.

After that, I hit chair 1 and skied The Wall and The Glades. People seemed it be avoiding this area probably due to the treetops, but if you use them as slalom poles they can be an asset. I had a blast skiing all over chair 1, and then I was going to take a break, but just as I got to the top of chair 1, I could see they just opened chair 23 and the top.

I scurried over to chair 23, and rode it to the top. Dropout 1 looked nice as it was Tuesday, so I pointed my skis in that direction. The entry was a little icy and rocky, but once you got below the first 30 feet or so, the coverage was good. By the time you got to the bottom of the rocks at Dropout, it was wide open, almost knee-deep powder runs. I opted for an unnoticed line, and skied it alone for 4 runs.

By now I needed a break so I went and drank some water with my Cliff Bar. Then I went back to chair 3 and skied Christmas Bowl to Waterfall which is kinda sketchy due to sparse coverage. I skied down to chair 5, and skied Face of Five 3-4 times. The bumps were soft and forgiving. I love bumps now as long as they aren’t icy.

Next, I skied Solitude to Back for More. It was nice there, but chair 15 wasn’t running, so I opted to traverse to chair 22. Went up chair 22 for a run, and then headed to chair 16 to add some variety. Every chair had no line so you could ski right into it. After skiing chair 16 a few times, I went back to chair 5, and noticed that they had finally launched the gondola to the top. Climax and Dave’s Run had not been touched yet because only chair 23 had opened.

I got to the top of the gondola, and the rope was down for Dave’s Run. I traversed down the cat track on the ridge, and was met with a stiff head wind about half way. I pushed myself to the top of Dave’s Run only to find a band of ice near the top marked by red poles. After skiing past the ice, it was untouched skier’s right, but it had firmed up with the wind and wasn’t worth a second lap.

I ended with some runs through the trees in 3 places on the mountain. There I found untracked powder that was still light. By 2: pm, I was skied out and ready to go home. Skiing at Mammoth Mountain this weekend will be excellent. Coverage is the best it has been all year and the snow is soft and forgiving. I recommend you wear a third layer on top and fleece on your face as daytime temperatures are still brisk.

More snow is forecast to fall Saturday, so make a plan to come to Mammoth Mountain as soon as possible. Until then I’ll See You On The Slopes!

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