Mammoth Mountain Ski Report February 29, 2012 for Mammoth Ski Club

I skied yesterday with the new 5″ of snow that fell. It was supposed to be light winds, but when I got to the mountain, it was blowing about 25 mph consistently with bigger gusts. I noticed a lot of people were either leaving or going to Canyon Lodge where it is more sheltered from the wind.

I skied chairs 1, 2 and 3 early. West Bowl had knee deep drifts, but I found the snow challenging. The top of the snow was light powder, but when you hit a drift, it was stickier below which really slowed you down fast when you hit one of these drifts.

I think I found the best snow on the lower slopes. Skied Face of Five, and that was a lot like West Bowl was. I saw one guy ski Daves Run, and he described it as “dust over crust”. Then we skied The Acts where there was some good snow in the trees. Skied chair 22, and Grizzley was probably the best run there.

We also skied the trees and runs on the sunny side of Linclon Mountain trying to seek shelter from the strong, cold winds. I wore 3 layers on top, a fleece balaclava, and my down mittens, so I was insulated and warm.

Today is forecast to snow 6-12 inches at Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort. So it looks like Thursday will be a great day to ski. I’ll be skiing on Thursday, so I’ll post a report with photos then, Until Then, See You On the Slopes!

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