Mammoth Mountain Ski Report March 2, 2012 for Mammoth Ski Club-POWDER & $69 TICKETS!

Mammoth Mountain got 18” of fresh powder this week, and the skiing is excellent! Here’s what Mammoth Mountain looked like as you enter Mammoth Lakes:

Mammoth Mountain as you enter Mammoth Lakes. Mammoth Mountain has the best coverage it has had all year!

I was going to ski Thursday, but when I checked the wind gauges Thursday morning on Mammoth Mountain the top of chair 1 had gusts to 70 mph. I thought it would be better to work Thursday, and ski on Friday.

So I skied today, and  the winds were down to almost nothing. It was probably the best day so far this year because the coverage is the best it has been in most places. I skied chairs 1 and 2 early, and the snow was super fun. Some places had been scoured by the winds, so you had to look out for that.

Then chair 3 opened up, and we went and skied West Bowl. West Bowl was much more consistent snow than when we had skied it on Tuesday. Nice soft bumps the whole way down.

Then I saw that they had opened and were loading chair 23. We hauled butt over there and got to see some of the first skiers come down the fresh, light powder.

I always go the opposite way the crowd goes, so I was able to find first tracks all the way to the bottom. We did that lap about 5 times. Then skied Monuments all the way to the bottom. Then we loaded the gondola, and skied Climax 4 times.

Climax was really good, but you had to deal with about a 10’ strip of boilerplate ice at the very top. Once you got below that it was excellent any line you chose. If you are planning to ski this year, I recommend you get up here before the deepest snow and coverage of the season so far is gone.

Skied chairs 5, 15, 16, and 22 later, and they were all really fun. The trees are good, but you still need to watch for obstacles especially on the Eagle side of Mammoth Mountain.

More snow is forecast for next week, so hopefully we will have some snowfall each week in March. Come to Mammoth Mountain now, and you can get $69 lift tickets. Just pay at least 1 day in advance right now, and get your pass for only $69. This deal is available online. So go get a reduced ski pass, and ski to your heart’s content. Until Then, I’ll See you On the Slopes!

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