Mammoth Mountain Ski Report March 12, 2012 for Mammoth Ski Club-SNOWFALL CONTEST!

Skiing at Mammoth Mountain is the best it has been all year with a 4-6 foot snow base. The snowfall received last week did not add up to much on the slopes as most of it was carried away by the high winds. Mammoth Mountain did host the J2 racers last week on a Downhill course set up starting in the middle of Cornice last week. Here’s how the downhill looked from the top of Cornice:

The top J2 (Junior National Team) racers had a downhill, a GS, and a Slolam race last week at Mammoth Mountain..

The snow on chairs 1, 2 , 3, 5 and 12 is holding steady, and there is really nice coverage. But on the Eagle/Canyon side of Mammoth Mountain the winds blew away some of the coverage. Sadly, more bushes, trees and rocks are showing now than last week on that side of the mountain, so you need to look for obsticles.

With the recent layoffs at Mammoth Mountain, I expect the Eagle/Canyon side of the mountain to shut down for skiing sooner than later. Here’s what Dave’s Run and Solitude looked like this last weekend:

Dave's Run and Solitude from the ridge off the top of chair 22 at Mammoth Mountain.

Finally, a true winter storm is headed for Mammoth Mountain this week, and snow is forecast to fall from Tuesday through Friday with the biggest part of the storm hitting on Friday. That should make it excellent for those of you wanting fresh snow to ski on the weekend of March 17-18.

Mammoth Ski Club has not done a “guess the snowfall contest” lately, but I am starting one today. The person who is closest in their guess of how much snow will fall officially on Mammoth Mountain by this weekend gets a FREE Mammoth Ski Club Sweatshirt ($55.00 Value). You have to have your best guess in by the end of Thursday March 15, 2012. Good Luck!

To place your best guess before the deadline of midnight March 15, simply leave a comment on this blog post for all to see. The winner will be announced this weekend after Mammoth Mountain has posted their official snowfall totals. Good luck on guessing the official snowfall, and I’ll see you on the slopes this week!

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