Mammoth Mountain Ski Report March 27, 2012 for Mammoth Ski Club – Best All Year!

Mammoth Mountain creates its' own microclimate after storms, especially late in the ski season.

I skied Mammoth Mountain yesterday, and it was excellent. It was clear when I left Bishop, but by the time I got to the Mammoth airport, you could see that Mammoth Mountain was socked in with residual storm clouds. The photo above is what Mammoth Mountain looked like as I approached on Hwy. 395.

Mammoth Mountain frequently creates its own microclimate after a storm where the moisture pre-impregnated in the atmosphere makes the storm and precipitation linger. The wind was strong, so I drove to Canyon Lodge to park because that is the sheltered side of the mountain from most wind directions.

I skied chair 16, and runs like the Acts were good, but I could see that chair 22 was closed, but the powder at the bottom of the Avalanche Chutes looked awesome. So I decided to go to chair 10 to come back to the cut-in to Avalanche Chute 3. As I headed to chair 10, I was surprised to see that chair 2 was open.

I took chair 2 up, and then skied down to chair 1 via The Wall. My favorite line in The Wall hadn’t been hit yet, so I skied that line 4-5 times. Then I had enough body heat generated to ski chair 3, which was surprisingly open. West Bowl was fun on both skier’s left and right. I skied West Bowl 3 times until I decided to get on chair 10 as was my original plan.

Once on chair 10, I could see that they had opened chair 5, so I hit Face of Five in 4 different lines until all the fresh powder was gone. Just then, I noticed that chair 22 had opened. I skied Solitude down to the base and rounded Lincoln Mt, until I was at chair 22. Skied Avalanche Chutes 1 and 2, with 2 being better.

Then I skied Viva 3 times. Viva was my favorite run of the day, and it was a blast finding the untracked there, and in the trees. I finished with a run down Grizzly. It was mostly tracked out crud by now. I bet it was better earlier (like most the runs).

I skied from 9-2, and had a blast the whole time. The skiing at Mammoth Mountain is the best it has been all year, and more snowfall is expected throughout the week and weekend. If you are thinking of making a trip up to Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort to ski, I recommend you do it real soon while the snow is excellent.

If you order your tickets today, you can still get them for only $69! See You On the Slopes!

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