Mammoth Mountain Ski Report March 30, 2012, for Mammoth Ski Club-POWDER!

I skied Monday and Thursday this week at Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort, and it was exceptional both days. The best parts about Thursday were the top was open early, and there were very few people on the mountain. That left a lot of fresh powder to ski.

When I arrived at 8:30, chair 3 was open and the gondola was loading to the top. I chose to ski West Bowl for first tracks for about 4 laps because no one was skiing it. Then I hit the gondola for the ride to the top.

The winds were moderate, and I skied down the ridge to Corndrop (between Cornice and Dropout). I got first tracks there too, and cut over to Dropout 1 down to chair 23. I skied chair 23 doing Dropout 1 for 3-4 more laps, then headed over to the Wall and The Glades.

The Wall and the Glades were fun, but I started dreaming of Avalanche Chute 2. So I went down to chair 10 and headed over to Lincoln Mt. Lincoln was uncrowded, and I opted to ski Avalanche Chute 1 first. That was nice in the chute, and even better where it opens up below.

Then I tried Avalanche Chute 2, and it was the best I had skied it all year. After skiing Avalanche Chute 2 for 3 laps, I tried Viva which also looked good. Viva was fun all the way to the bottom, and I did that twice.

Then I headed over to the Face of Five which had nice soft bumps. The trees around chair 5 were really nice, and most people were staying out of them leaving me many first tracks opportunities. I ended my day around 2 pm after 5 hours of non-stop powder runs.

Mammoth Mountain is the best it has been all year, and more snow is expected today and tonight. I will report on snow conditions after skiing tomorrow at Mammoth Mountain. Until then, I’ll see you on the slopes!


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