Rebirth of Mammoth Ski Club

Dave McCoy and I creating an alliance between Mammoth Ski Club and Dave's Mammoth Lakes Foundation.

Mammoth Ski Club was originally founded on March 1, 1941 with 123 founding members. Mammoth Ski Club held  championship races and costume events on skis with prizes. There are many classic photos of the Mammoth Ski Club members including Dave and Roma McCoy at the annual Easter egg hunt in costumes on skis. Above is a photo of Dave McCoy and I in his home office.

I had the honor of meeting with Dave McCoy six times in the last year. He is a living legend that has achieved abundant success in nearly every area of his life. Dave McCoy accomplished many firsts in his life, and he continues to have fun today at 96, after celebrating 70 years of marriage with his wife Roma.

Now Mammoth Ski Club is being rebirthed with the same spirit, and 70 year old tradition of fun at Mammoth Mountain. Mammoth Ski Club is perfect for active adults who love to visit Mammoth Mountain, especially season pass holders. You can meet new friends of the same ski ability level when we ski and divide into ability groups. Skiing is more fun when you have someone of the same ability level with you to experience it. You can also have your skiing skills documented with professionally taken action-photos of you for ultimate bragging rights. (These are the classic photos of tomorrow to show future generations!)

All our meetings are on-slope or slope-side, so you won’t have to sit through another meeting where you only talk about skiing. Mammoth Ski Club is able to offer more than traditional ski clubs. The best place to find out more about all the benefits offerred Mammoth Ski Club members is at

A portion of Mammoth Ski Club proceeds goes to support the Mammoth Lakes Foundation to continue the legacy of Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort’s founder, Dave McCoy. Mammoth Ski Club has already donated money to the Mammoth Lakes Foundation in a good-faith down payment on funds to follow.

Dave McCoy is such a humble man. In a conversation at his home, he stated that he did little to build Mammoth Mountain, that it was all built by others. He said this which I thought was a “writer-downer” – “I don’t talk about the past because … tomorrow’s just another day that has to be met with success.” If you love Mammoth Mountain the way Dave McCoy and I do, you’ll get alot of enjoyment out of investing in some of Dave McCoy’s photographic treasures, his book “Tracks of Passion”, and the DVD of his life “Mammoth Dreams” available at his website. 100% of the proceeds go directly to funding the college and scholarships in Mammoth Lakes.

I have Dave McCoy’s art on my walls. I’ll bet you’ll enjoy it too, and all the money goes to a really good cause. As I write this, there is a way to get Dave McCoy autographed art that is 100% tax-deductible because 100% of the money goes to his charitable cause. I’ll share that “insider info” with Mammoth Ski Club members. Check out Dave McCoy’s website at

Some say the rebirth Mammoth Ski Club is impossible. Dave McCoy says, “There’s no excuses. Impossible just means it takes a little longer”. Thats what Dave learned when he was told repeatedly tasks were “impossible” while fulfilling his job as a DWP hydrographer, growing his family, and building the Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort.

The 2010 Winter Olympics produced more Winter Olympic medals for an American Team than ever before. We won Gold medals in the following events: Billy Demong/Nordic Combined, Hannah Kearney/Moguls, Linsey Vonn/Downhill, Bode Miller/Combined, Shaun White/Halfpipe, Seth Westcott/Snowboardercross. We won silver medals in Halfpipe, Combined and Downhill, Super G, Nordic Combined, and Aerials. We took bronze in men’s and women’s Moguls and Halfpipe Women’s Super G, and Men’s Super G and Downhill. Bottom line – we ripped!!!

If we want to maintain our lead at the Winter Olympics, we obviously need to support our fine athletes on the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Team that sometimes train at Mammoth Mountain. Dave McCoy was one of the best early U.S. Ski Team coaches with many top Olympic racers coming from the Mammoth Ski Team he founded.

It’s revolutionary that the U.S. is leading countries like Austria, Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, and many others where top professional and Olympic skiers are worshipped and treated like National Heroes for life.

Lindsey Vonn is a National Hero in the U.S. yet no one really would recognize her on the street, or recognize her for her 2 back-to-back World Cup crowns. Bode Miller has more fans and recognition in Europe than domestically. I think all these fine athletes deserve our respect and support for the sacrifices, pains, and injuries they go through to represent the United States of America internationally.

Mammoth Ski Club supports the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Team, and Laurence (that’s what my Mom called me when I was in trouble:) Conn is a U.S. Ski and Snowboard Team Foundation Member.

Mammoth Ski Club supports and believes in using local vendors when ever possible. Our mascot, Mammo, was designed by a local artist with experience working for Disney and Pixar. Our embroidery is done by a fantastic local embroiderer in Mammoth Lakes. Here’s how it looks on the Spyder jacket:

Mammoth Ski Club jacket

And responsible local vendors are recommended to the Mammoth Ski Club membership. The best place to find out more about the 17 benefits offered Mammoth Ski Club members is at Get involved and join in the fun!

Interested Sponsors may email their proposal to Mammoth Ski Club at, or you can snail mail it to me at: Mammoth Ski Club, Box 3804, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546.

Mammoth Ski Club Members may email questions or suggestions to

Members support phone number is (760)709-6035.