Mammoth Ski Club ~ Frequently Asked Questions

1) Has there ever been an application or “affluency test” to join

Mammoth Ski Club?

No. There never has been an application or affluency test.

2) Does Mammoth Ski Club compete with Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort?

No. Mammoth Ski Club promotes more frequent and longer visitation to Mammoth Lakes by offering additional events and benefits to Mammoth Ski Club members. All Mammoth Ski Club promotional materials, newsletter articles, published articles, and blog posts are very complimentary of Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort because it is my favorite ski resort in the entire world, and they deserve the credit!

3) Will Mammoth Ski Club be a contributing member of the Eastern Sierra Community?

Yes. Mammoth Ski Club supports the Mammoth Lakes Foundation started by Dave McCoy, who developed Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort, and friends with a portion of the proceeds of every membership donated to advance Mammoth Lakes Foundation’s cause of supporting education and cultural enrichment in the Eastern Sierra. A donation has already been made to the Mammoth Lakes Foundation as a “good faith” donation deposit. Mammoth Ski Club also supports the best local artists, authors, and vendors.

4) Can I join a ski club for less?

Yes. There are many fine ski clubs all over the United States that provide amazing value for a very small investment. But that low membership fee prohibits ski clubs from offering more, delivering more, and contributing more as I see it.

Most ski clubs are like “Volkswagens” to me. Volkswagens were originally created to be the “People’s Car”, and did an excellent job of providing the basics of transportation. But as you can see today, not all people drive the cheapest car they can buy, live in the cheapest home, or wear the cheapest shirt available.

Mammoth Ski Club has been created to offer their members a higher level of benefits, expose their members to amazing local artists, the finest local vendors, and the ability to support the charitable causes we want to support. Some of our benefits are proprietary, so I can’t detail them to you in print. Other benefits will be added as we poll our members to determine what they want because Mammoth Ski Club is member-driven. The best way to see if Mammoth Ski Club is for you is to try it out and see for yourself!

5) Who is Mammoth Ski Club best for?

Mammoth Ski Club is ideally suited for people who love to visit Mammoth Lakes, potentially have a season pass and/or a second home in Mammoth, and want more fun and exciting things to do once they get there. You’ll get insider tips, techniques and photos in the “Mammoth Ski Club Insider News” full color newsletter monthly that Mammoth locals keep secret, and don’t want you to know. You’ll be guided around the mountain at our on-slope meetings so you can learn more about every part of Mammoth Mountain including Hole in the Wall, and get your questions answered accurately and politely.

6) When are the Mammoth Ski Club on-slope meetings?

As I write this, there are 3 days of skiing meetings a month, 27 ski days scheduled November – July, and that will expand as our membership expands. We will tailor the meeting dates to what the majority of members want. New members are emailed the meeting times and locations once they become a member.